Add Altamonte Springs carpet cleaning to your spring cleaning to-do list. Here are some tips to help you get ready.

Altamonte Springs Carpet cleaning

Move The Furniture

For the most efficient and thorough Altamonte Springs carpet cleaning, it’s highly beneficial if you are able to remove at least most of the furniture from the room(s) you are preparing to have cleaned. Start with easy-to-move pieces such as small nightstands, chairs, and benches to make room for the cleaners. But no need to worry about heavier furniture such as beds, dressers, and bookshelves – your carpet cleaner can work around them.

Clean Up The Room

In addition to moving the furniture, anything on the floor that can be picked up, such as toys, laundry baskets, dog beds, exercise equipment, etc., should be relocated. This is to avoid items getting sucked up by the powerful vacuum cleaner that we professional cleaners use to get your carpets looking so fresh and so clean.

Hang Up Floor-Length Drapes

If you have floor-length drapes, they will need to be pinned up or wrapped around the curtain rod until they no longer touch the floor. This will ensure that they do not get sucked up by the professional vacuum’s powerful suction. The same goes for any furniture with fabric grazing the floor, such as upholstered chairs.

Put Away Fragile Items

Before the Altamonte Springs carpet cleaning professionals arrive, move any items that could be knocked down and potentially broken to a safe location. Consider moving objects such as lamps, collectibles, figurines, picture frames, etc., to a secure place in order to avoid damage. 

Our professional cleaners will treat your home as though it is their own, ensuring that your delicate items are handled with the utmost care. However, we still think it best not to take any chances when it comes to the safety of your personal belongings. So, a little extra security will reassure you that your items are safe.


It might seem like a strange concept; after all, you are having your carpets cleaned. Why do you need to vacuum? Well, vacuuming before Altamonte Springs carpet cleaning professionals arrive will remove the surface layer of dirt and debris. With that out of the way, the cleaners will be able to concentrate on the dirt that has settled deep into your carpet’s fibers for the most thorough and efficient cleaning.

Altamonte Springs Carpet cleaningIf you have pets, it might be a good idea to ask a family member or close friend if they could take them in for the day. Our non-toxic carpet cleaning solutions are safe for animals, but the noise from the vacuums can be loud and could potentially frighten your furry friend. So, we find it best to keep them somewhere they’ll be calm.

For more tips on how to prepare for your Altamonte Springs carpet cleaning, contact us today. We are a local, family-owned-and-operated business and would be honored to take care of your home or property!