Orlando Carpet Cleaning Services

We’re providing top-notch Orlando carpet cleaning services to every customer we come in contact with. Here’s a little behind the scenes look into how we get your carpets clean!

Being a family-owned and operated Orlando carpet cleaning services business, we understand the importance of not only earning your business but showing you that we care. 

We’re committed to providing you with excellent service that goes above and beyond the average carpet cleaning. With every home we enter, we create a positive experience that will not only brighten your carpets but your day as well. Excellence isn’t just a word, it’s what we eat for breakfast. 

Orlando Carpet Cleaning ServicesOur Orlando carpet cleaning services utilize state of the art equipment and non-toxic solutions to tackle any odors or allergens that may be bothering you. We clean using the V.A.P.E Method as outlined below. 

Our Carpet Cleaning Method


Apply pre-spray

Power scrub


We start by vacuuming to remove any dry soil from your carpets, then spray your floors down with an alkaline-based spot cleaning solution with enzymes to help with light odors and to loosen the dirt. 

Once we’ve applied the pre-spray, we’ll power scrub the fibers of the carpet with a counter-rotating brush (CRB) which is designed to reach deep into the fibers, agitating and pulling out more hair and debris that the vacuum couldn’t reach.

Lastly, we extract by using an acidic-based solution that neutralizes, softens, and rinses the carpets-also known as steam cleaning, but it’s actually called Hot Water Extraction. Not every carpet will need such a deep and thorough cleaning, which is why we also offer basic spray and extract deep truck-mounted cleanings at a reduced rate. Give us a call today to get an estimate or schedule your Orlando carpet cleaning services.